Welcome to Bears

by Bog Iron Bloom

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released September 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Bog Iron Bloom New Jersey

"They hail from points all across the Garden State, but when the members of art-folk ensemble Bog Iron Bloom come together they create one beautiful sound."
-Alex Beise; Asbury Park Press' "The 66 Sessions"

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Track Name: Hatch
Don't wait until the parcel come - delivery
Crack expectation against your will - keep unclipped wings
How long can you live in comfort comfortably?
Don't let it be forgotten
We have all been
Born uncaged
Hatched to fly free

Sharpen your beak and carve your own skeleton key
To unlock calcium or steel doors and find release
It’s a long drop from the nest, you poor fledgling
But vertigo of staying
Is far more draining
Than greeting Earth
Hatch to fly free

What colors will your plumage show?

There is no end point on a globe
Love but leave the embryo
Skin your knees
Welcome to your first landing
Now you're standing
On stronger legs
Hatched to fly

All lyrics copyright Matthew C. Brown 2013
Track Name: Myth
Skip a stone toward the sun
And land in fire – no rains will come
Poison harbors no life nor love
Aphrodite Celibate

Skip a stone the other way
And land where life [has] lost count of days
Ancient dust blows; core has cooled
Aries signed a treaty

Don’t you wish that we could go
Faster than Apollo
Burning across the sky
We could outrun him
And escape time’s dungeon and…
Submit to reason and
Return to being
What we’re used to seeing as wild
(Sorry. We’re wild.)

Witness Pan before he dies

Leave the stone untouched and see
A glimpse of how life [is] meant to be
Out of nine there’s only one
Stone for us around this sun

See into our stone’s seas
See what we once were
See what we may be

Neptune [is] coming up for air

All lyrics copyright Matthew C. Brown 2013
Track Name: Paraffin People
Paraffin people don't take too much to melt down
A paraffin patience plague is going around
Candle-girl is burning with barely a spark to ignite
Too bad her flame can't warm or make light

You've passed it down
These jeans aren't denim at all
Sewn by short fuses
I was born under a moon of wax

Brittle when solid so handle with care if you must
Cool water language or else she'll combust

All lyrics copyright Matthew C. Brown 2013
Track Name: Concrete Hands
These hands have held weary breath of struggling brand new life
These hands have felt hands that feel the sun for their first time

These hands have let go and felt the great reward
These hands have held not the power to ignore

Concrete hands’ submission
Blind to indecision’s shades of grey

These hands have held nails upright and swung the hammer down
These hands have felt altruism’s building blocks of doubt

These hands have felt no difference from black to white
These hands have held interference wrong or right

These hands can’t see other hands undoing all they’ve done

These hands have felt tension clenching knuckles white

All lyrics copyright Matthew C. Brown 2013